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Sheriff Costs

Wyoming County Sheriff Cost Sheet 2020

Complaints, Writ of Summons & Subpoenas: $100.00 deposit for one Defendant. $25 for each additional Defendant and/or address to be served.

Writ of Execution (Personal Property) $200 deposit(Court 90 days/District Judge 60 days). 

Writ of Execution (Real Estate) $2500.00 deposit.

Order of Possession/Writ of Ejectment: $100.00 for one defendant. $25 for each additional defendant to be served.

To deputize to other counties, we receive the same as above. We will need a check payable to the deputized Sheriff. Please contact the other county directly for service fees and to find out what else they require.

Mechanics Lien same as a Complaint only that have to be served in 20 days.