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Sheriff Costs

Wyoming County Sheriff Cost Sheet 2020

Complaints, Writ of Summons & Subpoenas: $100.00 deposit for one Defendant. $25 for each additional Defendant and/or address to be served.

Writ of Execution (Personal Property) $200 deposit(Court 90 days/District Judge 60 days). Each Garnishment $25.00 extra

Writ of Execution (Real Estate) $2500.00 deposit.

Order of Possession/Writ of Ejectment: $100.00 for one defendant. $25 for each additional defendant to be served.

To deputize to other counties, we receive the same as above. The attorney is responsible to contact the other county to see what they require.

Mechanics Lien same as a Complaint only that have to be served in 20 days.