Wyoming County, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare

Wyoming County Assistance Office
608 Hunter Hwy, Ste. 6
P.O. Box 490
Tunkhannock, PA  18657-0490
 (570) 836-5171
(877) 699-3312
The Department of Public Welfare offers a wide variety of supports and services to maintain or improve the quality of life for older Pennsylvanians and other adults in need of assistance. Whether assistance is needed due to financial hardship, mental or physical health needs, or other issues such as substance abuse or domestic violence, DPW works to provide the tools to help Pennsylvanians overcome obstacles and lead productive, fulfilling lives.
Supporting children in Pennsylvania is one of the Department of Public Welfare’s primary goals, and a wide array of services and benefit programs are available for children. DPW oversees children’s welfare programs, adoption and foster care, juvenile justice and early childhood education in addition to providing benefits for children such as Medical Assistance and Cash Assistance.
The Department of Public Welfare supports programs for individuals with disabilities throughout the state with a focus on individualized care and benefits programs designed to meet the specific needs of each person. From assisted living and personal care homes, to individual support plans for community services, to Medical Assistance, DPW seeks to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities throughout the community.